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Stanford Dingley has a lot of talented resident artists.








Candida Kennedy

Specialising in house portraits and personalised maps, paper montage ‘nursery art’, jewellery, and anything else that stirs the creative juices. Studio open by appointment. Map image above ©candidakennedy.

Pea Brodhurst

Pea has been a painter and illustrator for many, many years and has suddenly discovered the joys of writing. She has recently written, and self published, a small book on behalf of her goat about the trials and tribulations of living with a wayward grandmother. This book is titled ‘Do goats go to Heaven?’ and is available on Amazon.

Pea is a consummate admirer of goats, goblins and elephants

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Anne Payton

Anne paints the seasons with the changing of light within a particular landscape. She tends to walk the landscape then sketch and paint in watercolour in situ and later paint in oils in the studio. Surrounding herself in music, poetry and prose; a way of working which comes from her training in theatre design.

Gemma Billington

Born in Co. Kerry Ireland, Gemma came to England in her twenties. She studied sculpture at Newbury College and visual studies at Winchester School of Art. Her main inspiration comes from nature, the changing seasons, the wild Irish seascape to the more tame woodland of Berkshire.

Escaped Sheep

Jeremy  07770 363997

Sophie 07760 219145

Dredge Gang

Darren Coleman & Andy Mackenzie 

Flood Warden 

Oliver Brooke


Hilary Dent


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