“My daughter and I were very fortunate to have been able to have held one of the first events in our freshly refurbished Club Room; and we were both delighted, and somewhat surprised, that it turned out to have been such an all round success in every way!

We staged a three day Art Exhibition, showing an eclectic collection of all the things that we both produce in our respective Studios; and the space lent itself perfectly to display. And, in fact, did more to complement our work than we had dreamed to imagine.

It was an extremely easy and comfortable room in which to work, the facilities were perfect, both with the kitchen and toilet – all so well equipped, the heating and the lighting equally successful.

We received nigh on three to four hundred visitors, all of whom were most generous in their compliments about our work and the success of the new village Clubroom in equal measures!”

Pea Brodhurst

We are eternally grateful for the use of the Club Room during lockdown. It is such a relief to have an available space where my children get reliable, fast access to broadband. A great environment for study with good facilities. Their experience of online schooling would have been much more limited and challenging at home. I highly recommend making the most of this local facility and look forward to using the space in future.

Sophie Hogan

“The hall was very well equipped for holding the annual Stanford Dingley Children’s Christmas Party. We had 21 children and their parents plus a magician and Father Christmas. The refurbishment is such an improvement. A lovely light airy space for children to enjoy. The kitchen and toilet are well designed and very clean.” 

Dawn Bellin

“This is the “Shakedown Supper” for the refurb team and partners. There was a choice of the Old Boot Inn’s very excellent pizzas or an equally excellent delivered curry from Ali Baba’s in Thatcham. Thereafter there was a full test of the AV system with a showing of Mama Mia (which was the only film in our respective collections on which we could almost unanimously agree!) General conclusion was the AV system works really well.”

Chris Dent