A village of outstanding natural beauty in the heart of West Berkshire

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Pebbles in the pond from Kevin Waldie on Vimeo.

MAY 4th 2016

The weather over the winter has been surprisingly mild but wet causing the footpaths and bridleways to become so muddy that many have been impassable.

Restricted Bridleway 24 which has had numerous complaints with walkers getting stuck and losing wellies, was repaired in late April. The path was resurfaced and dangerous holes filled in by WBC. Unfortunately they failed to do the whole stretch and there are now again serious clay/mud patches.

In July a programme by WBC and the Ramblers association to replace stiles with metal gates have improved access especially for the less able.

There were complaints with Footpath 12 (which was improved by WBC last January). A farmer had planted too close to the footpath cutting up the edges of the path. This seems to have improved.

In October it was reported that many of the gate latches were tied up with string which are difficult to to open for horse riders. Bushnell Green bridle path /16. Mr Hartley Russell was contacted about the problem.

In November it was reported that Footpath 15/1 running through to footpath 24 (second field from Church) has been ploughed up and the footpath which ran diagonally has disappeared. It is now visible and if walkers keep to it and not wander, the crops will survive.

The Bridleway/footpath STAN6/1 (watery lane) has improved but further up towards Pangfield Farm, there is still a signpost on its side. WBC have been made aware of this and have improved the signage with stickers on various posts and gates. It was suggested where there is a five bar gate, there should be a footpath gate as well,(where footpath STAN/12 joins footpath STAN/2) .

There have been positive comments on the bridge over the Pang Bridleway/footpath STAN6/1 where there are new gates, easily accessed.

The wooden bridge across the ditch on footpath BUCK 72/1 (actually in Bucklebury Parish) at Bushnells Green has been repaired with a plank.

Bridleway 23 Р Clay hill still very muddy near the top. It is on WBC improvement list for this year.

A detailed map with footpath numbers can be accessed here.

If you need any help or notice any problems with the condition of a footpath/bridleway please email Dawn Bellin Footpath Officer (dawnbellin@gmail.com) or phone 9744041 or contact customer services at WBC