A village of outstanding natural beauty in the heart of West Berkshire

Village News

13 May 2020 - West Berkshire Council have issued a bulletin today detailing the system for reopening the recycling centres. More information can be found here.

However, please be aware that it is operating a booking system, so you cannot just pitch up as normal.

Supporting residents of Stanford Dingley during the COVID-19 outbreak

During the period of the Covid-19 outbreak, a group of volunteers across the village are providing assistance for those unable to travel or need to self-isolate in their homes. If you require:
  • Medicines \ Prescriptions collecting
  • Groceries and other vital items buying and delivering to you
  • Extra help if a family member is isolated – a regular call to stay in touch etc.
Please call (or text) the number below and let us know what you need and we’ll organise for one of the volunteers to get in touch to make arrangements with you. No one in this community is alone and we are all here to support each other. We are aware that many of the over 70’s in the isolating category are fit and fiercely independent, but we ask at this time, to accept help where it is offered to ensure that you don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk. Cllr Aisling Bucknell:  07967 138280 (Co-ordinating only) On behalf of      Stanford Dingley Parish Council

Inspired Village Walks Every day, whatever the weather, David walks his dog across the fields that surround the Berkshire village where he lives. Following familiar and well-worn footpaths, this twice-daily ritual provides David the space and time to reflect on the uncertainty of “ordinary life”.
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